Non-immigrant Visas in Thailand

Non-immigrant Visas in Thailand

A Non-immigrant Visa must be obtained at a Thai Embassy or Consulate outside the Kingdom. Non-immigrant Visas can be either “single-entry” (the holder may remain in Thailand for 90 days since arrival) or “multiple-entry” (the visa is valid up to a year and the holder can exit and re-enter the country as many times as desired during that year, receiving a 90-day entry stamp each time). At the end of the period of validity, the visa is “USED”.

Although the “single-entry” version of the Non-immigrant Visa allows the holder to spend a maximum of 90 days within Thailand, this can be extended by an additional 30 days by visiting an Immigration Office. Holders of “multiple-entry” Non-immigrant Visas can exit just before the year’s visa validity is about to expire and benefit from an extra bonus 90-day stay, thus making the original visa valid for 15 months ca.

The main benefit of holding a visa of this type is that it can be extended for a year at the local Immigration Office as long as the holder meets certain (mainly financial) criteria. The annual extension should be requested within the last 30 days of any 90-day entry, and can be re-obtained indefinitely; hence, a Non-immigrant Visa is obviously the best visa option for those who plan to live in Thailand for a long period.

However, with the exception of a few Thai Consulates in the UK, Australia, and USA, an applicant must have a solid reason for obtaining a Non-immigrant Visa (visiting a Thai spouse or seeking retirement are the most common ones).

Those who can apply for a Non-immigrant Visa include, for example, the following:

Consequently, there are quite a few different types of Non-immigrant Visas:

This kind of visa allows foreigners to stay in Thailand for a number of reasons; for instance:

“Non-B” Visas work in exactly the same way as “Non-O” Visas, with the following exception: a “Non-B” Visa is a visa for business or work purposes; hence, those who wish to work in Thailand must have a “Non-B” Visa as mandatory perquisite to obtaining a Work Permit.

This type of visa may be granted to those who would like to study in Thailand, to attend a conference or a seminar, to undergo specific training courses, to conduct unpaid research within a University or other institution, or study as a Buddhist monk.

Foreigners working in Thailand on a project that has been approved by the Thai Board of Investment must have this type of visa.


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